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Agency Shares How Small Businesses Can Get Results From Social Media

How can local businesses get results from social media? What time investment is needed for those results to start flowing? Is it realistic for businesses to accomplish this themselves? Are they missing a trick by focusing so heavily on LinkedIn? And what does success look like?

Social Selling for SMEs

In preparing slides for a webinar I'm running to help small business owners, I've had cause to review all of the above. I thought it 'd be helpful to share some headlines with you in the event that you're unable to attend the webinar (details of which you'll find on

How can a business get results from social media?

In my mind there are two really distinct ways of effectively selling your company through social media. The first involves using social sites to run highly targeted advertising campaigns, seen just by people who fit your ideal customer demographics. Then there's the second angle, which is attracting customers by having a compelling social media presence and taking advantage of the pool of people who may not have even considered or been exposed to your business. Depending on the type of results you're primarily hoping to see, you'll have to have one or both of these angles covered.

Whichever route you take, to be successful you'll have to turn your social media presence into a sales funnel for your business - the end outcome of which being whatever you want your social media strategy to deliver for the team (sales, website visits, demo requests, calls booked ... or just creating a buzz about your business). There are 4 key steps to achieving this which you can find out about on the webinar.

What time investment is needed for those results to start flowing?

In what timescales should you promise the business that the fruits of your social media presence will be felt? Clearly this is a function of the amount of resource you devote to building your social media presence. But you shouldn't be thinking in terms of this as producing overnight results. Initial business results being seen within 3 months is achievable if you have an expert dealing with this. 6 months if not. Then you're looking at 12-24 months to really build an unassailable lead in your market and be a company that everyone knows and would like to interact with. Running some social media advertising can significantly accelerate results, but will obviously require budget-- the more you can afford, the greater the impact will be.

Is it realistic for businesses to do this themselves?

The answer here is yes and no. Success requires you to have a consistent presence on social media - and to be doing a multitude of things that are all needed to generate success. It also requires you to be expert at running social media paid marketing campaigns if you are going to invest in that side of things. Within a small business, it's inconceivable that team members could do this adequately; they're unlikely to have the necessary expertise and are likely to struggle to devote the time needed to achieve success.

To this day I've never seen this type of social selling strategy be successfully undertaken in-house, unless the company has gone all out and hired a social media marketing manager with explicit responsibility for making this happen. More common is for companies to try and have an admin person or intern take this on-- and then the results simply don't flow owing to a lack of skills and experience on social media.

Are you missing a trick by focusing so heavily on LinkedIn?

Without doubt! Consider for a moment that a significant portion of all LinkedIn users only return to the site once a month. Now consider that many of those same users are logging into Facebook multiple times per week, or are active on Twitter several times a day. If you are entirely focused on researching potential hires or potential customers, then LinkedIn has a lot to offer. But if you're also wanting to build your brand and attract people to your business then it's the other social sites that will give you the frequent touch points and immediacy of interaction necessary to generate results. The under-utilisation of the more personal social media platforms is undoubtedly cutting you off from a huge section of your target market, meaning you're not generating the volume of new customers you 'd be looking for.

What does success look like?

Just as with the question of the timescales necessary for results to be achieved, clearly the results you will see in your business are likely to be a function of the amount of time and resource you invest into your social media presence. But to help you quantify what could be achieved in your business, I do share in these webinars insights into the kinds of results you can expect to achieve - be that visits to your website, purchases of your products or services, or active online conversation about your company ... What's key, though, is that by turning your social media presence into a sales funnel, you get to the point where there's a clear end result being achieved for any given level of investment in social media advertising. And that everything has been transformed into a lead generation or sales process that is scalable and repeatable without being reliant on the Founder or key sales people in the company.

What You Need To Know About Personalized Medals

At some point, you must have received a medal. It could be an award given because of a sports or academic achievement. It could be the medal handed over to everyone who has graduated. Whatever the case may be, there is something very appealing about medals. They symbolize a prize that is greater than gold or coin. Here are some facts that you may or may not have known about ordering a personalized piece. They can be made of copper, silver, or gold.

Sports shows have thought you that first, second, and third places are represented by bronze, silver, and gold. A bronze medal is made of bronze, as its very name suggests. However, take note that bronze is an alloy of copper. So, if a medal manufacturer describes their offerings to be made of copper, it does not lie. Both gold and silver ones are made of mostly silver, though. To raise the worth of the gold medal, it should contain at least 6 grams of gold. Additional colors may make them cost more.

Medals with additional colors aside from those naturally occurring in copper, silver or gold may cost more. If you need several colors to be added to a medal, ask for a quote from the medal manufacturer right away. Find out if it is worth adding more colors to the medal. You may not have a choice if you are aiming for corporate colors.

There are single and double-sided options.

Depending on the company you are dealing with, both single and double-sided options may cost just the same. Emphasize your medal needs. If you are going for double-sided, make sure that the back design is justified. Usually, back engravings are merely additional text.

They are timeless symbols of achievement.

Needless to say, medals are symbols of achievement and appreciation. Setting up a budget for high quality pieces would definitely be worth it. Usually, a medal is well-known in athletic competitions and in the school setting. There are very driven individuals who have set their minds to pursue these symbols of achievement. If you can find a company that could provide you with low cost and yet high quality products, then go for it. Such a company understands that there is a need for well-designed and intricately-engraved pieces. You would like to give someone a medal that is really worth keeping รข something that truly represents all the hardships it took to achieve the reward.

Dominating It In The Kyani Network Marketing Business Model

Network marketing is also frequently known as multi-level marketing or MLM. Network marketing often offer consumables (products and services used up in a daily/weekly/monthly basis) to individuals that are utilized in a short duration of time. Network marketing involves more individuals than regular direct sales companies, and it is designed to leverage other's time and efforts. In order to succeed at network marketing and make the sort of money you dream of it is necessary that you set objectives. Give Your network marketing business your all - this means commit to a minimum of 4 years for this business model and re-evaluate after this time frame. Too many reps fail in the MLM industry because they aren't dedicated to the bigger picture. If you're looking at the Kyani business opportunity then these are some serious points to consider.

One of the benefits of being involved in the network marketing market industry is that you do not have to limit yourself to committing to any singular company or program since you are a free agent (true; some companies do require a exclusivity contract if you reach a higher level in their organization). Once you have acquired enough experience from your first network marketing program and have grown your network to a degree where it is profitable, you dont have to limit yourself to just that company. You can move to other network marketing businesses and even transfer your previous team with you. That said, this does seem to affect the trust some people have for you.

You might want to think about the advantages of going into network marketing if you are unsure if it is the right thing for you. Network marketing is all about people helping others to build a business. It is about logistics and the supply chain of products; growing a larger customer base through personal referrals.

Network marketing is a business that you can start on a small budget and usually less than a few hundred dollars if any cost at all. With a lot of serious work you can attain personal and financial liberty. But it isnt easy. If more than 13 million people in the United States are working in the field of networking marketing then something good has to be going on here. A huge determining factor is in how you decide to market your own network marketing opportunity and products.

Network marketing is also commonly known as multi-level marketing or MLM (some people also say direct sales). Network marketing includes more individuals than regular direct sales companies, and it helps to leverage other people's time and efforts. The keyword of MLM is take advantage of others efforts. You can maximize your time and your money by presenting people to your MLM opportunity and if they enroll, you will be making a tiny percentage of commissions off of their efforts. An internet marketing company ought to be easily duplicatable because this is what will guarantee long term success for your team. If the people that you have brought into your business can learn from your success and copy it, then they people they bring in can do the same.

As can be seen, a MLM company can be very rewarding. It takes devotion and difficult work in the beginning but if you put your entire effort into your home based business, then you will eventually gain your rewards. Network marketing is all about the distribution of products through word of mouth marketing.

Online Marketers Benefit From Sms Text Message Marketing

SMS or Text Message Marketing has many benefits over other forms of advertising and we will take some time to explain what those are. In most forms of online marketing, you have to do a lot of waiting around and building before you see any results. Take for example SEO, with SEO you have to build a website, fill it with good content, create high quality back links, build social signals and do all these things regularly and then have to wait weeks or months before you see any results whatsoever.

Even with so-called fast forms of online marketing like PPC and other forms of paid traffic, you have to wait for your ads to be placed and then wait for someone to see them and hope that they like what they see enough to click on them. The other issue is, that you will only get as much traffic as you can afford to pay for. It is easy to blow your entire marketing budget in a few days on a paid traffic campaign.

With SMS Marketing all the power is in your hands. Once you have the right type of software to send these messages and once you have a list--- it is all plain sailing. All you need to do, is to create your campaign and then send it to the right target audience. Instead of waiting for people to see your ads, visit your site and then respond-- with Text Message Marketing you send messages directly to the people on your list. You can send these messages whenever you want. You quickly learn what works and what doesn't work. It doesn't take days or weeks. It doesn't mean using someone else's paid traffic platform or any of that stuff. You simply market directly to the people who are on your list.

What makes this all possible is that people really love and are addicted to their Smartphones. Most people have their phones or tablet on their person or near them 24/7 and this means that you can market to them at all hours of the day, not that this is advisable, who wants to be woken up by a marketing message at 3am! With text messages, most people have visual alerts and they even see the messages that they don't want to see. What this means is that you message will be viewed no matter what. If you pick the right demographic, you conversion rates are going to be really high and your view rates are going to be higher than any other form of online marketing--- dare we say any form of marketing, period.

Take Action!

Text Message Marketing works and it is something that benefits all sorts of business models. It works for people selling products and services. It works if you want to go after a direct sale or if you are doing awareness marketing or even brand marketing. It can even be used just to keep people informed like a modern take on an email newsletter list. There are so many ways that you can make SMS Marketing work with what you are doing and sending SMS online makes it even easier. It is a great tool and something that more marketers need to implement and add to their array of tools.

The Advantages Of Aerial Advertising

Even though many business owners do not consider aerial advertising when they are planning their yearly marketing budgets, it may be wise for them to reconsider this marketing strategy. In fact, there are several advantages that businesses can gain when they use aviation as a tool in their marketing arsenal. There have been examples of aerial advertising being more effective than the more traditional ways of advertising.

This is why if you are a business owner, you should consider this type of advertising when you are planning your annual budget for marketing. Your return on this investment can be quite significant.


One of the first advantages to using advertising by Aerial Beacon is the unique or shock factor your company will create. Most companies do not utilize this type of advertising, and this is the one way that your business could be set apart from your competitors. This type of advertising is not seen very often, and this could work to your benefit.

Imagine being able to engage consumers while they are enjoying a nice picnic in the park, or enjoying a beautiful day at the beach. If you choose to advertise your business in this manner, your company will become memorable. As consumers watch your banner fly across the sky, your audience will be focused on the message you are trying to convey.

Despite what many business owners think, aerial advertising is very cost effective. You have the ability to reach many more people at once than you could with other types of advertising. For example, if you choose to television advertising, there is no guarantee that consumers will not turn the channel during a commercial break. However, through this alternative advertising, you will not lose precious advertising dollars on ads that no one sees.

Better Consumer Recall

Studies have shown that consumers can recall aerial ads better than other types of print ads. Over 75% of people who saw an airplane advertisement could recall what was being advertised. This percentage is greater than print ads, television ads or radio ads.

Not Intrusive

Finally, advertising by aerial means is not intrusive. You will not be bombarding consumers with your advertisements in their homes, offices or other personal spaces. Consumers will not feel as though you are invading their space, and can provide a better consumer experience.

Aerial advertising can be static, or it can be dynamic. If you are trying to reach a large audience, strategically placed advertising in the sky can be very effective.

Buying Bulk Sms Credits To Help Expand Your Marketing Reach

Each day, businesses all over the world are up against competition on a much greater scale and this is thanks to the internet, Smartphones, tablets and other portable electronic devices. A business can reach out to consumers all over the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This has created a much more competitive landscape where everyone is trying to figure out how to succeed in this new business world.

The internet has given rise to thousands of new businesses every day and because of this, there has been an increase in people looking to market their products and services. The online method still works very well if you understand certain things such as search engine optimization, social media marketing and networking. But one area of marketing that is really taking off right now is on the mobile platforms.

SMS marketing is the new wave of advertising, is great for businesses throughout the world to get their marketing message across in real-time. No other method of advertising is this powerful for ordinary businesses. With SMS messaging you have the power to advertise to consumers who have opted-in to receive your text messages anywhere in the world.

This new marketing platform has given rise to bulk SMS companies who provide credits that you can purchase in order to send out the texts. Bulk SMS is available on over 800 networks all around the world, making this an amazing real-time marketing tool that both large and small businesses alike can use in order to convey their marketing messages.

What's great about SMS is that it is an instant form of communication where you can view results pretty much in real time. This gives you the ability to tweak your messages, change things around a bit so that you can maximize your return on investment. In addition, people are more likely to view their text messages either in as soon as they get them or later on because these messages are stored on their mobile devices. Most people click on the message right away and this gives you instant access to see how well your marketing campaign is doing.

It is important you make sure the bulk SMS company you choose is actually sending out the messages and not just sending out spam. Investigate the company first, and if the price for the bulk SMS credits seems too low or too good to be true, it is probably best to pass them by. Go elsewhere and use one of the more respected companies in the business.

SMS is a great way to connect with your customers since you can hit them with messages right away while they are out. If you are a retail store owner, these messages can reach your customers by location and provide them with instant access to money saving offers. It is a very powerful marketing tool that is really transforming the way companies approach their advertising and marketing methods.

Each day we see new technology being invented that makes it easier for both the business and consumer to connect with each other. SMS works well because it can be seen in real-time, which works best for both the customer and the business.