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Tips For Finding The Right Fraud Lawyers

There are various types of fraud cases such as conspiracy to defraud, pension fraud, VAT fraud, MTIC fraud, advance fee fraud, international fraud, bribery, corruption, benefit fraud, credit related fraud, company fraud and various others. Overall, all such fraud cases are extremely complex and challenging. These require a proactive and analytical approach to provide proper defense to the accused.

Fraud cases can be extremely complex and therefore, it is important that the defense team is packed with experts. It is important to hire the services of a barrister at the earliest and not only when the client ends up in court, which is often the case. In many fraud cases, both solicitors and barristers are required; it is still advisable to involve a barrister at the key stages of the overall process.

While it is true that there is no dearth of lawyers who specialise in fraud these days, people who are charged with alleged fraud often find that it is not easy to come by an enthusiastic, capable and professional one. It is extremely important to find the right barrister as it can often be the difference between acquittal and conviction. A barrister usually has rights of audience in the higher courts which means that they can provide better representation to individuals who are charged with serious fraud allegations.

For instance, a barrister can help in representing the client where the prosecuting authority decides whether to discontinue the case or charge at all. Similarly, barristers are capable of negotiating with the prosecution to offer various alternatives such as returning the alleged sums of money. A qualified barrister is also well placed to challenge the decision to prosecute before the proceedings commence.

Finding the Right Barrister

While you can always search for barristers online, it is always better to ask for referrals from a lawyer friend or friends and family members who have worked with such a lawyer previously.

Once you have a list of attorneys, it is important to check their experience and reputation to ensure that they are capable of providing you adequate representation in the court. One of the most important things is the number of years of experience in this field.

It is also important to keep in mind that different attorneys handle different types of cases and therefore, you need to choose an attorney who has worked in a specific type of fraud case. Needless to say, you need to check the reputation of the attorney before hiring. One of the best ways is to check the reviews online and ask other attorneys.

You also need to understand that reputable barristers do not come cheap which means that you may be required to pay a substantial fee to hire their services. Therefore, you should ask them to give you in writing the fees to be charged in a transparent manner.

Overall, these are some of the things you need to keep in mind while hiring the services of a professional and well-known barrister to represent you in a fraud case.

How To Spot Awful Criminal Defence Barristers

Hunting for criminal defence barristers is a hard job, but it can be made easier if you know how to avoid the bad ones. If you are looking for some of the best legal work around, you should avoid anyone who displays any of the following signs. Hiring them means that you will not have the best chances of winning your case.

Bargain Basement Pricing

The reality is that you have to be willing to pay top dollar for great representation. There is no way you should expect to work with the best criminal defence barristers available if you are not willing to pay for them. The amount of time and money you will lose if you are convicted is far more than you will have to pay for a great barrister.

If you notice someone charging far less than anyone else around, you should look at this as a warning sign. They are trying to reel you in the same way a car salesman does, and this is not acceptable. While it is not necessary for you to choose the most expensive option, you should stay far away from those who are not charging very much.

You Cannot Get In Touch With Them

You should not expect to get in contact with a barrister right away when you are calling them, but it is not acceptable to hire someone who cannot be contacted at all. Barristers have court appearances and other responsibilities, which fill up a good amount of their day, but they should always try to return calls in a reasonable amount of time. If you have called more than once and received no response, you should definitely continue your search.

The Presence Of Illegitimate Reviews

These days, many people rely on user reviews to determine which barristers are worth their time. This is sometimes a mistake since all reviews are not as legitimate as they seem. If you read several reviews for a barrister and you notice they are not real, you should be wary of doing business with this person since it is likely they have paid people to leave nice feedback.

Common signs of no-good reviews include:

- Multiple misspellings

- Acknowledgement of never meeting the barrister in question

- Glowing review amongst thousands of bad ones

- Brief without being too detailed

- Sounding like sales copy

If you encounter any of these when you are reading reviews, you should certainly be mindful. Of course, there is a chance that one or more of these is present and the reviews are actually solid, but it is not something you should be willing to risk your freedom on.

Finding a great barrister is sometimes all about eliminating the ones that you don't feel will give you the edge when you step into a courtroom. If you notice any of the signs that are listed here when you are dealing with someone, it is fair to say that you can delete them from your list of possibilities.

Choose The Right Seo Company For Your Business: Top 5 Tips

The world of SEO (search engine optimization) can be somewhat confusing. Each online business can significantly benefit by enhancing their ranking on the search engines such as Google and Bing, and the advantages to be ranked at the top are excellent to pass up. With very many companies providing SEO services, choosing on the right fit for your business can be a daunting task.

With the quickly changing the SEO landscape, more than ever, having a long-term approach to SEO performance is paramount. It is still moderately easy to deliver a short-term spike in the rankings using methods which will certainly cause long-term damage to a clients websites performance.

Quick advancements in the science of SEO over the previous few years involves delivering an enhanced result for the search engine clients. This means rewarding any websites that offer the best user-experience with remarkable ranking.

Choosing an SEO agency is always a no easy task. Its hard to find a firm you can trust with something as worth as your web presence. However, there are several great companies out there! Therefore, how do you select the best? Read on for some tips that will help you determine the right SEO company for your business:

1. Experience of the SEO company

Do theyve adequate experience actually to know the strengths and challenges of the industry? Even though some new companies may still offer excellent results, be careful when a firm has less than five years of SEO experience.

If a particular company has enough experience, you will rest assured that they will meet your needs.

2. Companys SEO friendly hosting environment

Hosting a website of your business on a server which is both reliable and fast will enable you to benefit from faster loading times and even avoid downtime to keep you from losing potential customers. Notably, servers with installed Page speed Module, supported by experienced server staff, can enhance mobile traffic and conversions, raising sales by up to 14.6 percent.

3. A Great strategy is essential

Each company is exceptionally different, so it stands to reason that a preferred SEO approach is needed. The right SEO company will provide you a strategy for how they plan to deliver long-term results and why their strategy will work.

4. Look further than keyword ranking

A popular misnomer in the SEO industry is that victory comes from getting one, two, three or even four keywords on the Googles front page. It is very true that keyword ranking can be among the most key indicators of success, but it can be confusing.

First, do you recognize what the traffic for your ranking keywords are? Theres no point ranking for the keyword which nobody searches for. Real success needs an increase in real organic traffic for a wide range of targeted, appropriate keywords.

5. Verify previous results

The best SEO company will offer you with examples of websites they worked and some performance results. Do not just consent these results on the face value. Look for evidence of ranking, SEO greatest practices, ask for the real increase in website traffic which has been achieved. The best indicators of results are the customers testimonials.

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Agency Shares How Small Businesses Can Get Results From Social Media

How can local businesses get results from social media? What time investment is needed for those results to start flowing? Is it realistic for businesses to accomplish this themselves? Are they missing a trick by focusing so heavily on LinkedIn? And what does success look like?

Social Selling for SMEs

In preparing slides for a webinar I'm running to help small business owners, I've had cause to review all of the above. I thought it 'd be helpful to share some headlines with you in the event that you're unable to attend the webinar (details of which you'll find on

How can a business get results from social media?

In my mind there are two really distinct ways of effectively selling your company through social media. The first involves using social sites to run highly targeted advertising campaigns, seen just by people who fit your ideal customer demographics. Then there's the second angle, which is attracting customers by having a compelling social media presence and taking advantage of the pool of people who may not have even considered or been exposed to your business. Depending on the type of results you're primarily hoping to see, you'll have to have one or both of these angles covered.

Whichever route you take, to be successful you'll have to turn your social media presence into a sales funnel for your business - the end outcome of which being whatever you want your social media strategy to deliver for the team (sales, website visits, demo requests, calls booked ... or just creating a buzz about your business). There are 4 key steps to achieving this which you can find out about on the webinar.

What time investment is needed for those results to start flowing?

In what timescales should you promise the business that the fruits of your social media presence will be felt? Clearly this is a function of the amount of resource you devote to building your social media presence. But you shouldn't be thinking in terms of this as producing overnight results. Initial business results being seen within 3 months is achievable if you have an expert dealing with this. 6 months if not. Then you're looking at 12-24 months to really build an unassailable lead in your market and be a company that everyone knows and would like to interact with. Running some social media advertising can significantly accelerate results, but will obviously require budget-- the more you can afford, the greater the impact will be.

Is it realistic for businesses to do this themselves?

The answer here is yes and no. Success requires you to have a consistent presence on social media - and to be doing a multitude of things that are all needed to generate success. It also requires you to be expert at running social media paid marketing campaigns if you are going to invest in that side of things. Within a small business, it's inconceivable that team members could do this adequately; they're unlikely to have the necessary expertise and are likely to struggle to devote the time needed to achieve success.

To this day I've never seen this type of social selling strategy be successfully undertaken in-house, unless the company has gone all out and hired a social media marketing manager with explicit responsibility for making this happen. More common is for companies to try and have an admin person or intern take this on-- and then the results simply don't flow owing to a lack of skills and experience on social media.

Are you missing a trick by focusing so heavily on LinkedIn?

Without doubt! Consider for a moment that a significant portion of all LinkedIn users only return to the site once a month. Now consider that many of those same users are logging into Facebook multiple times per week, or are active on Twitter several times a day. If you are entirely focused on researching potential hires or potential customers, then LinkedIn has a lot to offer. But if you're also wanting to build your brand and attract people to your business then it's the other social sites that will give you the frequent touch points and immediacy of interaction necessary to generate results. The under-utilisation of the more personal social media platforms is undoubtedly cutting you off from a huge section of your target market, meaning you're not generating the volume of new customers you 'd be looking for.

What does success look like?

Just as with the question of the timescales necessary for results to be achieved, clearly the results you will see in your business are likely to be a function of the amount of time and resource you invest into your social media presence. But to help you quantify what could be achieved in your business, I do share in these webinars insights into the kinds of results you can expect to achieve - be that visits to your website, purchases of your products or services, or active online conversation about your company ... What's key, though, is that by turning your social media presence into a sales funnel, you get to the point where there's a clear end result being achieved for any given level of investment in social media advertising. And that everything has been transformed into a lead generation or sales process that is scalable and repeatable without being reliant on the Founder or key sales people in the company.