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Four Simple Post-Panda SEO Strategies for Your Website

The post-Panda SEO has brought many changes in the way blogs and websites rank on the search engines such as Google. For example, before the introduction of Panda, a few low quality articles would not have much effect on the overall domain. On the other hand, Panda has completely disrupted SEO behaviour. Because of post panda SEO, few low-quality posts on your website or blog could have an impact on the overall domain ranking. The result for many websites with low quality content has been a drop in traffic and a decrease in website traffic. Some of the valuable tips for post panda SEO include ensuring that your blog has quality content. Having quality content is a basic SEO skill that ensures that your blog posts have only useful information related to identified keyword.
Although many people think that SEO is dead, success in the Post-panda SEO requires that you develop an effective content generation strategy. This a process employed by canny digital marketing companies such as SEO Cornwall. Keyword research is an essential part of this process. There are tools that can help you to create keywords related to your domain which contributes to great content for your users. One of the first things you should do is reduce issues that could affect the readability of your posts like typos and poor grammar as they will influence the ranking of pages and domains. The on page SEO optimisation is another factor contributing to the visibility of your posts and can be achieved by ensuring that content includes LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) words. This means words and phrases on the same theme which are connected to your target key phrases. Becoming more social and engaging users on the social media sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, and Digg will improve your visibility on the search engine as more people mention and discuss your products. As a matter of fact, being mentioned Google Plus contributes positively to the placement of your post on the search engines. One can also make the site social by encouraging comments after the posts. SEO structure of a website is now even more critical after the Panda algorithm changes. Before Panda, having many pages contributed to the better position in the Google search engine. However, this has changed in the post-panda SEO, that require only the quality pages to be indexed and optimised. You should, therefore, remove all duplicate and low-value URLs from the index so that only the sites that help the readers and the search engine are maintained. It is important to note that as result of panda, a site with some quality content with many inferior qualities and duplicated content will experience a reduction of traffic. You then need to add proper meta titles and descriptions and make sure your menu navigation links to the most important pages on the site. Quality link building is also vital as having quality backlinks from relevant domains can contribute to the popularity of content and help search engine rankings. Efficient use of outbound links can also improve both the position of your site in the search engine and provide users with additional useful information. You can, therefore, link your website with relevant and fresh information from a blog article. Additionally, one can established quality external links through providing useful information on the social media platform. This strategy can be supported by establishing links that connect to authority pages, unique referral domains with a strong MozRank. One of the practical tools for dealing with post panda SEO is maintaining quality content as it will always lead to quality links that improve traffic to your site.

Examining the Different Types of Insurance Cover for Tradesmen

First let’s examine the important question, what is tradesman insurance? Tradesman insurance is a type of cover that offers an extensive protection to tradesmen for the theft of their equipment or tools, and protects them from liability claims and for personal illnesses and accidents, thereby protects their business. Why tradesman insurance is necessary? Many electricians, plumbers, builders, and other tradesmen are self-employed and thus provide their individual equipment, which can be very expensive to restore if damaged or lost and can gravely jeopardise their income. tradesman insurance can help cover the cost of a monthly income if the tradesman is unable to work due to accident or injury.
Being a tradesman offers rise to many risks that they need to make sure they are secluded against. One among the vital things to seek while choosing a policy is its public liability insurance. Working in the home of other people makes this a key concern and they may face litigation if their work causes any harm to their property or any wounds. Similarly, a tradesman may come across legal action for any wounds their employees sustain at work or any sickness they feel has arisen from the work. Given the work nature, personal accident insurance can be very useful to meet medical expenses or loss of pay due to work-associated injury. What tradesman insurance offers? Tradesman insurance offers tradesmen necessary protection against: theft of all trade equipment’s and tools anywhere in the country where they reside and work; personal illnesses and accidents all through the day and through the entire week; and protection against liability claims. This type of insurance comes in a variety of options that suit the business requirements of tradesmen. It is an easy and fast claim process and they can pay their premium every month to assist with their cash flow. Though there are several types of insurance cover for tradesmen available, some of the notable types include the following: Public Liability Insurance - This insurance offers compensation for the legal liability of tradesmen for their personal wound or harm to the property, caused through an incidence associated with their business. Tax Audit Insurance - This type of insurance covers tradesmen for their professional fees, including legal and accounting fees, related to a tax audit of their business. Personal illness and accident insurance - This kind of insurance allows tradesmen to insure them against loss of revenue to a named individual in the case of an illness and, or accident. Fire and damage insurance - This tradesman insurance offers compensation for the contents of their building and business for particular events, like fire, impact, explosion, lightning, earthquake and storm, except flood. It also offers compensation for the cost involved in the removal of debris. Business Interruption insurance - Tradesmen can opt for this insurance when their other business insurance ends. It offers compensation for loss of gross rentals or gross profit due to an interruption to their business caused as a result of burglary, fire, etc. Burglary Insurance - Tradesmen will be compensated for the burglary of stock, consumers’ goods, electronic gear, and other business associated contents within their business premises due to violent entry. Money insurance - This tradesman policy offers compensation for the loss or theft of cash from certain office locations. However, it does not offer compensation for the loss of money, owing to clerical errors, accounting or theft by employees. Glass insurance - This policy offers compensation for the broken glass, replacement of sign inscription, repairing plastic signs that carry the maximum value of $1,000, the cost of provisional shuttering and the cost value of the stock damaged due to the broken glass. Goods during transit insurance - This insurance covers tradesmen for the loss or damage to merchandise during transit caused by unforeseen events. Fraud and dishonesty insurance - This tradesman policy offers them compensation for the loss of merchandise or money, owing to any fraudulent act or dishonesty done by any of their employees, either acting solely or in association with other workers, which is discovered during the insurance term. Equipment breakdown insurance - This is one of the different types of insurance cover for tradesmen that offer them the required compensation for the cost of mending or changing their electrical and mechanical equipment and some other electronic appliances. Besides the different types of insurance cover for tradesmen mentioned above, the General Property insurance compensates them for their daily items, such as mobile phones, power tools, etc., according to their option anywhere in the country.