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The Five Essential Elements of High Ranking YouTube Videos

Do you want videos that will get page one ranks on YouTube? No surprise, your answer is probably yes. Here are the five elements that you need to optimize that will help ensure that your video gets high rankings.

Title: The title is one of the first things the viewer will see when they do a search on YouTube so you have to make sure that it catches their attention. Think of the title as being like the headline in a newspaper. If the headline interests them, then theyll buy the paper. The title should be concise no more than 70 characters and should accurately reflect the content of the video. Long titles will be cut when Google and YouTube display results, while deceptive titles will cause viewers to stop watching after a minute, which will hurt your rankings. Thumbnails: The thumbnail is the image that appears next to the title on the search results. Like the headline, a striking thumbnail can convince the viewer to click on the link to watch the video. As with the title, it is important that the thumbnail tell the viewer what the video is about. You can either create a special thumbnail or use an image from the video. For best results, use high resolution images of at least 640x360p since this will make the video look like a quality production.

Description: This is the text that appears at below the video and also appears under the title in search results. To ensure that you a lot of click-throughs, make sure that the first two sentences tell the viewer what they should expect from the video. In addition, you should also optimize these sentences with keywords.

Tags: These are the keywords that searchers will type into search engines to look for videos. Again, the keyword should accurately reflect the content of the video. In addition, you should use your most important keywords as part of long-tail phrases. For example, if your keyword is energy drinks, you can use best energy drinks as your long-tail phrase.

Call to action: This is what you want your viewer to do after watching your video. These days, YouTube allows you to embed a clickable button onto videos, so you should make sure to take advantage of this. Make sure you have a clear CTA in mind that is communicated to the viewer unambiguously, i.e. click to subscribe or leave a comment.

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