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The Best Shopping Music For Business

Are you searching for ways to keep your shoppers happy and encourage them to buy more of your stuff? Try playing music. Music affects the shopping experience. A study done by Milliman in 1982 revealed that background music makes people spend 34% more time in a supermarket. Their extended stay caused them to browse the aisles more and to put more items in their shopping cart resulting to an amazing increase in sales for that supermarket.

This experiment and numerous others have prompted store owners to play songs over their speakers. Nowadays, its rare for an establishment to be completely silent, and when one walks in a store devoid of music, its possible that he or she may feel as if something is not quite right. According to, businesses without music can seem empty and customers might even comment about how quiet the place is and feel uncomfortable.

People are accustomed to hearing background music especially when theyre shopping. Give them what they expect (and reduce their discomfort) by playing songs in your establishment. While every store is different there are some basic rules to keep in mind when playing music or searching for a company who provides in-store music.

Do not play popular music this is too distracting and makes people focus on your merchandise less. It can also make your store employees work less as they get distracted by the songs. On the contrary, according to studies, those who listen to unfamiliar music shopped longer. Use songs that are similar to popular songs so that they will be enjoyed, but not so familiar as to grab their attention away from shopping.

Classical and jazz music increase buyers willingness to choose expensive wares and pay more for regular items. You can influence them to spend more simply by playing these kinds of songs. However, take note that this is only recommended when you are selling products that are perceived to have high value.

If you are offering items that are usually thought of as cheap, it will make shoppers suspicious. Other than that, they will think (despite the actual price tag) that your items for sale are more expensive than they really are, so they might go somewhere else where they can buy the same things at lower prices.

The tempo of music affects peoples movement. To encourage people to stay longer, play slow music. One study on the effect of music to sales showed that slow music generated 38% more sales compared to those created with fast music. This is attributed to the shoppers prolonged stay, which made them check more items and buy more of them. However, if you have a fast food restaurant, you can motivate them to leave as soon as they finish eating by playing loud and fast music.

Both loudness and high speed induce a sense of urgency. Loud songs cause people to move faster while softer ones make them prolong their stay. Use volume to secretly direct your shoppers movement.

Music can get people in the mood to shop whether in a supermarket, clothing store or antiques mall. To increase your sales and gather more customers, consider finding the right music choice for your store. Music services can help you find legal songs that can create the kind of consumer behavior you have in mind.


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