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Leadership What No One Told Me

I never knew I scored off the charts in leadership and clerical aptitude. One night while in my late 30s I found an old box with some of the old papers that at some point everyone keeps. I found the testing that done at the time I was in high school. What I found astonished me. There on a card with a simple graph and scoring rated me with off the charts scores in two areas: leadership and clerical. For the life of me, I do not remember receiving this document, and I am quite sure no teacher, counselor or principal every shared this information with me. I was shocked. The only time past high school that I was told I was smart, a natural leader and could accomplish anything was when I was 27 and in my first sale roles with DHL International. At that time, a seasoned sales professional told me I had it and I would be wildly successful. At 27, that was the beginning of challenging every misconception I had about my leadership and value.

My scores wouldnt have helped me get into college. In those days in Atlanta, my parents invested in my brother, who attended first. My mother told me, Okay, if you must go to college, you can if you want tobut putting your brother through school and helping his family almost destroyed us. She couldnt have plunged a more devastating sword through my heart. Those words slayed my value and challenged my place as a leader in my life. My mothers statement so turned me off, I decided to earn my way and grow my value through working. Id be successful in spite of them!

However, I did not realize that my mothers statement and my subsequent decision not to own and/or stand up for my value and authentic leadership as a female early on paved a downward path. It led to my inability to defend and articulate my worth. Consequently, my true market value lay dormant. For decades, I willingly played the role of the dutiful professional female. I finally stepped into my starring role in life! With the advent and use of technology in business, the combination of my strengths shaped my path from secretary to sales representative to global account manager to founder and CEO of my own company. If my ignorance of my natural aptitudes had not been so hurtful to my marketplace earning power for so long, it would be funny. Im a late bloomer I am the example that everyone has the ability to step into their own leadership magnificence and be paid their market value.


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