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Finding Your Dream Career In Finance

People already established in their jobs or those deciding on a career path to follow commonly grapple with the task of choosing the right job for them and the best suited field of study.

When planning a major career shift, there are a few questions you could ask yourself to help make the decision, like,

  1. If you could swop jobs with one of your friends, what job would you choose?
  2. Is there a job you’ve always dreamt of yourself doing but obstacles and life got in the way?
  3. What qualities do the people around you value the most? Often people will say you’d make a great this or that.
  4. If you had the right education, what job would you do?
  5. What subjects would you be most interested in?

As Steve Jobs said “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards”, so what has interested you in the past, what have you been exceptionally good at? Use this to make your choice.

If working in finance has been a dream or if you wish you could be your own boss and open your own finance and mortgage broking business, perhaps becoming a mortgage broker is the career for you.

Finding your dream career needn’t be a complicated task, whether you’re looking to make a drastic change or simply a minor shift. Although there are so many options available in finance, with a Diploma of Mortgage Broking there are a number of options available to you whether you want to work in a finance and mortgage broking franchise or a bank or credit union, or if you’d prefer to move from work site to work site operating as a mobile lender for a bank or credit union, or establish your own company.

With the course offered by us, you also get access to industry experienced and qualified trainers who know the business and can advise graduates on the ins and outs of the finance and mortgage broking industry.

Because the Diploma of Mortgage Broking has no entry requirements, you don’t have to be afraid that you won’t qualify.

If financial restraints have held you back in the past or if you can’t afford to pay tuition fees and support your family at the same time, there are payment options available. You may also qualify for VET FEE-HELP.

Once you’ve decided on the right course to study and the path you would like your career to take, then begins the task of choosing the right training provider.

We are preferred because our trainers are industry experts and the experience we provide students is personalised. We also offer unique employment pathway programs, helping facilitate the transition into the finance and mortgage broking industry.

Australis graduates are preferred in their respective industries and valued in the competitive job market. With flexible learning options, including online and blended learning, your learning experience is on your own terms.

You can also receive recognition of prior learning, so you can fit your learning timetable into your schedule. Adults who are supporting their families, working and studying at the same time find this particularly beneficial.


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