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Enlist The Help Of Criminal Appeals Barristers

If you or someone close to you has been convicted and you would like to appeal against the conviction, it is time you sought the services of an experienced lawyer. Criminal appeals are often complicated processes and need care as well as precision. They require the advice of seasoned criminal appeals barristers who are able to see cases through fresh eyes and provide you with options that you never knew existed.

Criminal appeal lawyers are skilled in providing comprehensive appeal services for appealing a conviction, a sentence or both. These lawyers come in handy for people who were convicted in the crown court or magistrate court. The barristers can provide advice and assistance on appealing a conviction and how to go about it.

Persuading judges in the Court of Appeal is quite different from persuading juries. Most of the time, the Court of Appeal has 3 senior judges and no jury. As a result, the style of advocacy required here must be suitable for this type of audience.

Normally, these appeal lawyers will advise you on:

Whether you have grounds to appeal or not

Second opinion if you are not satisfied with the representation and advice of your previous legal representative.

Preparing the appeal, this include drafting any appeal notice required by the Court Of Appeal, making arrangements for witnesses to give their statements and preparing submissions.

Advice on points of law, new evidence or grounds for appeal

Considerations of any scientific, forensic and DNA evidence which in some instances can provide compelling evidence for a successful appeal.

Errors of law made by prosecution or judge during the trial

Complaints about the judges summing up to a jury

Where the verdict of the jury is unreasonable and inconsistent

When a criminal lawyer persuades the Court of Appeal judges that a conviction is unreasonable or unsafe, they will quash the conviction. In some circumstances, the quashing of a conviction is the end of the matter, but in some instances, the court may direct that a re-trial be held. A re-trial offers the accused persons a chance to challenge the evidenced adduced by the prosecution and hopefully get acquitted by the jury.

When a criminal lawyer conducts an appeal against a sentence, he/she tries to convince the judges that the sentence given by the criminal trial judge was too harsh and unreasonable. The barrister does this in an attempt to have the sentence quashed and replaced with something more lenient. In some circumstances, the sentence is reduced to an extent that the client can go home immediately after the appeal hearing.

To appeal to the Court of Appeal, criminal appeals barristers provide a written opinion arguing that there are credible grounds for appeal against the sentence, conviction or both. Since there are strict procedures and rules as to which documents must accompany the opinion for the appeal to be successfully lodged with the Court of Appeal Registrar, enlisting the services of a seasoned lawyer is critical.


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