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Complete White Card Training Online Today

With all the positions available for construction workers, there are a number of opportunities across the country, whether you’re an experienced tradesperson or straight out of high school. Before applying for a full time job or casual employment, or even an apprenticeship in the construction industry, it’s a good idea to complete mandatory induction training first.

The White Card is the mandatory construction induction course that everyone in Australia involved in construction work must complete.

The simplest way to complete this training, which is preferred by most construction workers, is by completing an online course.

 The expediency of the online white card course cannot be beaten by traditional face-to-face forms of training which have become outdated and too time-consuming for modern students.

Besides the additional costs, traditionally forms of training also take a lot more time to complete. The online training course makes more financial sense as well because you save on travel expenses as well as the actual registration costs. So you save time and money without compromising on quality, the online course offered by us is of the highest standard, making it an industry leader.

If you plan on working on a construction site, this training is not just a mandatory requirement, but a useful tool that can help you stay safe on one of the most high risk work sites.

Because your actions on the site can have far reaching effects, not only on the health and safety of your co-workers but on the safety of the public, you must be able to work safely in the midst of heavy machinery, confined spaces, high risk work processes etc.

Whether you plan on working as a plumber, roofer, engineer, mason or even a landscapist, if you work on construction sites, you must be in possession of a white card.

The white card is like your passport onto a construction site. It is a small credit card sized ID that proves you’ve fulfilled the mandatory federal requirement and completed construction induction training.

Once you’ve chosen construction as your future career path, the next step is deciding on the best Registered Training Organisation (RTO). A handful of RTOs have been approved by the government to offer the white card course, we are one of them. Because we have experience on our side, we make your learning experience hassle-free and easy, unlike some backyard RTOs .

We have issued thousands of white cards across Australia and our system is simple to follow, with the course being easy to complete even for people with basic computer skills.

Leading industry experts have helped develop the course material, so the information you gain is valuable and will serve you well once you’re actually on the job site.

Simply access the course from the comfort of your home, from your computer or tablet and register for the course, review the material, complete the online and telephone based assessments and we’ll send you your white card in the mail.


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